Friday, November 6, 2009

No Verdict Yet

Jurors in the trial of Greg Nelson for the 33 year old murder and kidnapping of Willie Cook in Happy Camp are apparently still deliberating as of noon Friday.  Three and one half days of deliberation could mean the jurors are just being conscientious, or it could mean there are some who have serious doubts about the validity of Nelson's confession.  A hung jury would be extremely difficult to retry.  Of the three living officers from the 1976 investigation, only Jack Partlow is still with it enough to testify convincingly.  And his testimony did not strongly support either side. 
I just recently noticed that prosecutor Christine Chenevert used to be a salaried deputy DA, but is now in private practice, and was retained at a fee not to exceed $95,000 for this trial.  If there is not a conviction, people will be asking serious questions about why DA Kirk Andrus couldn't try this case himself.  Codefendant Suzanne Little will be represented by John Forsythe, a reknowned bay area attorney who, I believe, has appeared on Greta Vansusteren's show.   A conviction in that case will be much more difficult, since there is no confession.

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