Monday, November 2, 2009

The David Dingle Trial

The case of the people vs. David Dingle dates back to Feb. 8, 2008.  According to testimony in the preliminary hearing by the defendant's brother, Malcolm, an argument between David Dingle and Frank Martin resulted in David Dingle shooting Martin.  Martin then ran into the woods, but was found by the Dingle brothers.  According to Malcolm, David shot him two more times, then slit his throat.  Daily News, Preliminary Hearing Story

In jury selection today, it appeared that the defense was planning to argue for a verdict of justifiable homicide.  Unlike most murder trials, the defense appeared to favor law and order types, including a former state employee who had worked with inmate fire crews, and had once made a citizens arrest of a burglar in his home and held the suspect until police arrived.  Most of the challenges were of women, and the final jury composition was eight men and four women.  If the brother's testimony is admitted, the defense will have a high barrier to jump over. 

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