Thursday, November 19, 2009

Checking on Medical Marijuana

Redding police are getting organized to check the records of marijuana dispensaries, after the city council passed an ordinance this week.  Record-Searchlight
Why don't we have an ordinance like that here in Mount Shasta?  Fifty year old Ronald Lynn Henderson here was caught last week selling marijuana to two teenage girls near the high school.  Is he a medical marijuana user?  We don't know.  Was he getting medical marijuana and reselling it?  We don't know. I was trying to thing where I might have seen Henderson before, and he looks somewhat like I guy who was collecting signatures for the medical marijuana initiative a few years back.  Lieutenant Tazzari of the MSPD didn't even know about the case when I inquired.  The bust took place just outside of the city limits, in county jurisdiction, but you would think there would be more coordination between the sheriff and the local police.  This case should be prosecuted.  I know from personal experience that students on marijuana put out a very minimal effort to get by in school or at work.  I hope we are not so jaded that we condone selling it to minor girls.  The flaws in the water initiative (see previous post) might be due to the fact that the principal author of it is also one of the main advocates for full legalization of marijuana.

Update:  Yreka has banned marijuana dispensaries.  here  This means the Mount Shasta dispensaries are likely to get more business.  This will increase the need for oversight. 

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  1. If Tires were illegal, there would be 50 year old men selling to children.

    My guess is, with or without the Pot the pervert would have found a way...So it isn't the Pot it is "People"

    Whatcha think?