Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Water Rights Initiative--The end?

So, On Tuesday the 12th of this month, the Mount Shasta City Council took no action on the question of potentially calling a special election on the Water Rights Initiative.  This will effectively kill it, although the proponents could sue to force a special election.  Initiative proponent Angelina Cook indicated after the meeting that the group probably had no stomach for further litigation, and would take a break, perhaps rewriting the ordinance for another try. 
The initiative proponents had argued, before the council and in litigation with the county, that there had been two versions of the initiative back in August of 2009, and that the wrong one was inadvertently given to the Mount Shasta City Clerk on August 25, for the Notice of Intent that began the process. 
Your writer pointed out that the date stamp on the current version is actually October 7, 2009, six weeks later.  This is a smoking gun of sorts, but was not considered newsworthy by the Mount Shasta Herald (here).

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