Thursday, October 28, 2010

Superintendent of Public Instruction

I have been trying to research candidates for Calif. Superintendent of Public Instruction. Tom Torlaksen has a long solidly liberal voting record in the Assembly. He is articulate, and a monogamous heterosexual with kids. He taught a sport (cross country) with a high level of white participation.  He was a full-time teacher before  being elected to the Assembly.

Aceves seems slightly more of a hands-on practical guy.  He has been a teacher, principal and superintendent, and has not run previously for political office.  However, he is endorsed by the council of La Raza, and was once quoted as saying there were too many old Anglo, white teachers in his district. (As it happens, my daughter was a young white Anglo teacher in his district for a year.) 
I may end up voting for my tribe.

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